spruce floral -- our story

Un-thrilled by the busy, fussy, cluttered norm in floral design, we decided to reach out to all the unfulfilled flower enthusiasts who longed for a florist who understands their "less is more" sensibility. Hence, the creation of Spruce, a modern floral design company with a passion for fresh, uncomplicated style. We customize beautiful, simple floral arrangements for weddings, events, corporate accounts and daily delivery, near and far.

Since our affair with flowers began in 2001, we have grown into one of Greater Boston's most respected sources for innovative floral design and unparalleled service. Through our collaborations with an amazing list of design savvy clients we've come to realize that what draws people to Spruce, is our knack for understanding our client's needs and expectations and then exceeding them by adding our own creative twist. We work closely with our clients and take the greatest care to reflect their style, relay their sentiments or represent their corporate image while maintaining our own clean, sophisticated design aesthetic.

sarah john-scaplen